QUICK READ: Hydroxychloroquine does NOT prevent the Coronavirus and could be fatal to people who take it. There currently exists no definitive proof that the drug, often prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases, will aid patients fighting COVID-19. Many public health experts have been baffled by Trump’s stumping for hydroxychloroquine but baffled isn’t enough they need to call out his towering ignorance.


  • Even though 80% of Coronavirus cases are mild an environment of fear is being spread through media headlines and social media.
  • “It’s a new, unknown illness, we don’t know how severe it’s going to be, and we don’t know how concerned to be,” said Lynn Bufka, associate executive director for research and policy at the American Psychological Association and an expert on anxiety, stress,
  • Part of what drives feelings of anxiety is a lack of information. and misinformation spread through social media.
  • The void of effective leadership is adding fuel to the crisis of fear