Time to think like a patient, not a marketer

KEY TAKEAWAY: A two minute story on the evening news about a new cancer drug doesn’t answer enough questions for people who may want to know more before meeting with their doctor.  Biopharma companies need to set realistic expectations when it comes to new drugs and they need to be a credible source of medical information for patients, but all too often their websites are a billboard that says “ask your doctor about me”. Continue reading

Cancer treatments: False hope or breakthrough treatments?

zytiga-SS-scientistCorrespondent Scott Pelley and more than a few doctors and patients were throwing around the word “cure” during a 60 Minutes segment on cancer Sunday.   Eleven of the 22 patients treated so far died, but the other 11 have seen their tumors shrink. Three featured in the story are cancer-free.  Even with these promising results we have to remember that these are Phase I trials. Continue reading