The human side of healthcare

KEY TAKEAWAY:  It’s ironic that with apps and online health the one thing that’s missing is what patients really want; to be treated as individuals.  Time and time again, I keep hearing in research that the best HCP’s are the ones that take time to listen and to really understand a patient’s needs. Continue reading

Only 37% of physicians said they had recommended a mobile app

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: In a 2014 poll by QuantiaMD, only 37% of physicians surveyed said that they had recommended a mobile app to their patients. In another QuantiaMD poll, 42% of physicians said they would not recommend a mobile health app to patients because there was no regulatory oversight (though the new FDA guidance should help with this). In addition, another 37% percent had no idea what mobile health apps are out there. Continue reading

Most smartphone owners download zero apps in a typical month

imagesPOST SUMMARY: Apps now represent 52% of time spent with digital media in the US, according to ComScore, up from 40% in early 2013.  Yet most US smartphone owners download zero apps in a typical month, according to comScore’s new mobile app report.  Are apps or mobile advertising right for pharma? Continue reading