Sometimes there are just no words….

KEY TAKEAWAY: The chart, below, shows a health care system that is broken.  When CEO salaries come in the tens of millions of dollars while patients can’t afford medications than something is clearly wrong.

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that “unless you are one of the highest performers at the office, don’t expect next year’s paycheck to grow much.  Businesses are planning to keep budgets for raises relatively flat in 2018, while continuing to devote more payroll dollars to performance-based pay, according to a survey of salary planning at 1,062 organizations.

That’s bad news for pharma because all too often performance is based on sales, which in turn leads to really bad decisions.

How do you think a hard working manager feels when she often works 10-11 hour days while her CEO earns tens of millions of dollars? How can anyone, who wants to help patients, take such a huge some of money when so many people may not be able to afford their co-pays for expensive cancer treatments?

Clearly this is one of the reasons why Bernie is on a rampage.



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