Selling digital to skeptics within pharma

Rear view of confused businessman looking at arrow signs below facts and myths text

SUMMARY: The future of healthcare involves digital transformation but moving too fast in a matrix management environment can cause problems and set digital back months.

Most of us know the importance of digital when to comes to healthcare. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, but organizations need to be careful about moving too fast without getting company influencers’ buy-in.

Some people see digital marketers as blue jeans and tee-short-wearing employees who don’t care about company processes and don’t have time to teach people about digital marketing. That would be wrong. Today’s digital marketers are visionaries who can see the future but understand that moving too fast can lead to too many failures.

As a digital healthcare marketer, I understand the need for research to share its implications with key company influencers. By sharing my digital transformation processes and research results, I can get people to start asking “why if?”.

It’s essential to ask your agency to spend time with key company people to explain online healthcare trends and implications and answer questions about implementing digital initiatives.

Some say, “we don’t have the time to move slow,” but I would argue that moving too fast can leave too many behind and cause people to say, “I told you digital wouldn’t work.”

Digital transformation is a necessity for the future of healthcare. Pharma needs to start building capabilities now so they can learn from mistakes and successes.