Sales over patients?

IMOKEY THOUGHT: I’m not sure how much of Mr Brill’s article on J&J is 100% accurate, however, it’s sure to fan the fires of pharma distrust ever higher. The industry has to do a much better job of intolerance to any illegal marketing and fines cannot be just an expense line in a budget sheet.

Mr Brill’s article is being picked up worldwide by a lot of media outlets and does a disservice to the hard, good working people within pharma who are trying to make a difference in patients lives.  I can’t help but wonder how J&J could promote, with a $25 million salary, the executive who bears responsibility for the illegal marketing on his watch?

JJ Edit

Until the FDA levies fine equal to or above the sales of a drug that was illegally marketed there is not going to be any real change or emphasis on enforcement.  No drug company is above the law and no drug company can ever put sales ahead of patients yet at every turn J&J did just that.

There is also more under the surface here.  Although Mr Gorsky bears direct responsibility for this mess, there were others within management who approved these marketing tactics and are still with J&J in other functions.  Some were even promoted!  That, to me, is incomprehensible.

Each and everyone of us has a responsibility to speak up with a loud voice when we witness illegal marketing.  We owe it to our patients, our shareholders, but mostly we owe it tour conscious.