Reducing cancer risk by 40%

  • Avoiding bacon and alcohol could help reduce the risk of cancer up to 40%, experts suggested as they unveiled what has been dubbed the “blueprint” to beat the disease.
  • obesity likely to overtake smoking as the “number one risk factor for cancer” within decades.
  • There is now strong evidence excessive weight is the cause of at least 12 cancers, five more than when the last WCRF recommendations were published in 2007.

People should reduce their consumption of fast food and those high in fat, starches and sugars to help control calorie intake, according to The World Cancer Research Fund. The number of new cases of cancer is expected to rise by 58% to 24 million globally by 2035 as more countries adopt “Western” lifestyles, according to the report.  Around 40% of cancers are estimated to be preventable, the authors said.

Their analysis linked obesity or being overweight to 12 cancers, including those affecting the liver, ovary, prostate, stomach, mouth and throat, join bowel, breast, gallbladder, kidney, oesophagus, pancreas and womb.

So here we go again…

Despite the spotlight on drug costs the American public has, in their power, the ability to avoid cancers through diet and exercise but we aren’t listening. The AMA, insurers, politicians and HCP should all be warning patients about the dangers of being overweight and inactive but let’s face it we don’t listen. McDonalds markets meals that are higher in fact and contain more calories while the aisles of grocery stores are packed with food that has enough sugar for a small country.

Will the health industry ever wake up and will Americans stop blaming everyone else for high healthcare prices?