Pradaxa: What’s a patient to do?

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: As we learn to think like patients one has to wonder just what the hell a patient on the blood thinner Pradaxa wants to do given the new research that indicates the product may not be as safe as they believed.

One of my relatives had been switched from a generic blood thinner to Pradaxa less than a 3 months ago, but when he read an article in the WSJ that called into questions the safety of the potential blockbuster he quickly went back to the generic medication before speaking with his doctor.  When my wife asked him why, he said “it can take over 3 weeks to get an appointment with my doctor, based on what I read I don’t want to use Pradaxa anymore”.  I wonder how many patients are doing the same thing throughout the US as they read about drug side effects in the media.


Now we would like to believe that patients would check with their doctor before changing or stopping medications, but the reality may be far different in an era where so much health information is available online.  This is one of the reasons, and opportunities, that pharma has to act on media stories as they break with authenticity and a sense of urgency.  While doctors usually are the gatekeepers of patient health choices, even John Mack wondered which study BI was going to share with doctors.

Patients today want o get to the truth around health conditions and treatment options.  They don’t want complicated medical terms and a bunch of data thrown their way they want to understand “what it means to me”.

Will pharma respond or will their continued silence be deafening.