Physicians struggle to find relevant content on pharma sites

  • Over half of U.S. HCPs agree.. “I do not have time to manage all of the data I receive from my patients and outside resources”.
  • They spend 3+ hours each day with EHR and other digital sources (4.6 in the US)
  • 88% have used, or are interested in using, an ad blocking feature on their smartphones.
  • When thinking about pharma, physicians don’t think “Trust”.
  • 62% of U.S. physicians agree “Pharma websites are primarily product advertisements”

According to DRG Digital, pharma product websites are not a trusted resource when it comes to physicians.  They are just too busy online and don’t trust pharma to give them the information they need as/when/how they need it.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone unless you live in fantasy land.  I consistently heard this over and over in research with HCP’s.  Among their complaints were poor navigation of the site, no way to save relevant information and information that was too promotional rather than medical.

In an analysis of some top pharma product websites the top pages had to do with the product label and the ability to download it, especially on new products.  The analysis we conducted showed clearly that pharma product websites aren’t getting the job done when it comes to physicians.

Where are physicians going online? Up To is the number one HCP site because they have perfected the user experience and medical information.  Medscape has drifted to number two.


Up To




Unfortunately the decline in pharma product websites, for physicians, coincides with the pharma websites for patients. Patients are going to pharma websites to get some information, but a click stream analysis shows they are going to both competitors’ sites and general health sites.

One day pharma will understand digital, but that day always seems a long way off.