Why physicians don’t have time for sales people

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Pharma salespeople don’t add value to physicians and even MSL’s are becoming addicted to “canned” data and rehearsed presentations.   Unless pharma can talk to HCP’s one on one, as peers, no sales people, time spent with doctors is going to continue to decline.

Nothing like listening to physicians talk about pharma sales people.  I listen in, via video feed, for a client and the groups all had the same thing to say “if you want to get my ear than help me treat my patients to better outcomes”.

Among the complaints were some doctors who said that even MSL’s are coming in with rehearsed presentations.  When one doctor said she wanted more data on the vaccine that the MSL was talking about he said “I’ll have to see if we have it”.  She promptly said in the research “I just don’t have time for these people anymore”.

DRG publishes some great insights on how to engage HCP’s online, but most doctors only go to pharma sites to download or read the label. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] “I usually go to Medscape in the morning. It provides me with all I need to know within my area of practice.  Pharma product websites just don’t provide the information I really need.[/inlinetweet]

We also heard that even though nurse practitioners are seeing more patients sales people don’t always engage them.  As for “free pizza” via a sales person they said it’s a great way to ensure that people will attend a presentation, but [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]the idea that I’m going to prescribe more of a certain drug because a drug rep gave me free pizza is laughable”. [/inlinetweet]

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]What do HCP’s want from pharma? More highly qualifies people who have worked in health care[/inlinetweet].  “Rather than talk to a PhD I would rather talk to a PharmD who has worked within the health care” one physician said.  Another one said “I am sick of great looking sales people right out of school calling on me with taped pitches. It’s just a waste of time”.