Physician access continues continues to decline

screenshot_249POST SUMMARY: One of the reasons that pharma is allocating money to digital channels to reach HCP’s is that access by sales reps continues to decline from 77.1% in 2009 to 68.1% in 2014.




HCP’s are under more pressure than ever to make their practices profitable and really don’t have time for conventional sales reps who are usually trained over one or two days and sent to try and have a peer to peer conversation with them.  In addition a lot of drugs really don’t require a sales rep to interact with physicians.

Digital marketing channels and platforms, like Medscape, offer a way to measure physician reach and engagement by brand and often have a better ROI.  Are the days of the sales rep coming to an end? Doubtful, but unless pharma can show real value to HCP’s their interaction time is going to continue to decline.