Pharma’s incessant need for meetings

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Talk to anyone within pharma and you’re likely to find that their calendar is filled with meetings.  Even medical people are often pulled from the field to attend costly training meetings that waste time and money.  Why haven’t pharma companies used online training more to help reduce expenses?

Most biopharma companies consistently pull sales and medical people from the field to attend “training” which adds very little value to customers.  The costs of bringing in dozens of people are astounding when you consider air fair, hotels and meals yet today it’s more rampant than ever.  Welcome to “that’s the way we have always done business”.

For people who work in-house the problem is often back-to-back meetings of matrix organizations.  To make matters worse, these meetings usually add little value to patients are are just scheduled to “keep people in the loop” which in turns delays implementation.

So why haven’t most pharma companies established a digital training department? Because that would make too much sense.  Digital is not a tactic; it’s a way of strategically thinking and pharma is not even that ballpark yet.

Checks and balances are essential in a regulated industry, but when those checks and balances become complicated processes it’s time to take a step back and ask “why are we doing it this way?”.

Medical people belong in the field calling on HCP’s not going to meetings in cities where they conduct team building exercises like bowling and spend precious time away from their families.

Marketing people need time to think about what they are doing rather than just going through a stepped process to do things.  If the pharma organization doesn’t change soon they won’t be able to compete in the future of healthcare.