Pharma Tuesday Stuff

QUICK READ: Here are some recent stories that you should all be aware of. Last month I hit 80,000 readers when accounting for email, social media, and direct traffic. I love the industry, and although I want to see some changes, I know there are many good people trying every day to make it happen.

After a year of pandemic-delayed medical treatments, doctors are seeing more cases of advanced illnesses.

With medical visits picking up again among patients vaccinated against covid-19, health providers are starting to see the consequences of a year of pandemic-delayed preventive and emergency care as they find more advanced cancer and rotting and damaged teeth, among other ailments.

Johnson & Johnson asked other drugmakers to help it study blood-clot risks, and Moderna and Pfizer declined

Johnson & Johnson privately contacted other drugmakers producing COVID-19 vaccines to join a study into the potential risk of blood clots. Still, Pfizer and Moderna refused, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. J&J contacted Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca to join the study, but only AstraZeneca agreed, The Journal reported.

Pfizer could sell $24 billion in Covid Vaccine this year

It’s big business and huge profits at stake and with the possibility that the public will need booster shots COVID vaccines could be a source of revenue for years to come.

Bayer’s Google voice assistant is a waste of money

Bayer has developed a Google voice assistant for physicians so they ask “hey Google tell me about…”. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of money as the vast majority of physicians prefer using online tools and not voice assistants.

J&J did the right thing by asking for help from other pharma companies, but as I thought, COVID vaccines are a huge source of income, not helping the public defeat this pandemic. I’m starting to see some excellent things from J&J, including a special marketing program targeted at black people with MS. It’s proof that recruiting good people can help turn things around.

Now that people are returning. To their doctors, will we see a huge increase in MRI and other tests? In the US, we practice medicine to prevent litigation, and ordering tests is a way to ensure all the bases are covered. However, scheduling MRIs and other tests can often be a major inconvenience for patients. Medical litigation is an area in need of reform, especially from the big law firms who make millions while patients make very little.

Finally, I don’t care is your a PhD or an MD, spreading COVID conspiracy theories is irresponsible.