Pharma trade magazines continue to promote worthless awards

  • Pharma trade magazines love to give out awards but these awards have very little to do with patients.
  • These awards are intended to make money for the magazines and mean very little, even within the industry.
  • The social media “sentiment” against pharma has risen in the last year to over 70%.

“Honored to receive this award from….” and so reads another post on LinkedIn from someone who just received a worthless pharma magazine award.   It’s kind of like the Captain of the Titanic getting a good sailing award as the ship sinks.

I know there ARE a lot of people within our industry trying to be the voice of the people we serve.  They don’t need recognition or awards and seldom apply for these awards because they understand their value is meaningless.  To them helping people is its own reward.

The awards I received only were useful during my annual performance reviews.  Even upper level executives didn’t seem to care about them.  Yet too many people need them to give them purpose, while patients who can’t afford prescription drugs ask for help with social media.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The trade magazines thrive on industry ad dollars and the greatest way to continue to get these dollars is with awards and conferences.[/inlinetweet] I often have clients ask me if they should attend a certain pharma conference and my answer is always a resounding “no”. What works for one brand, and company, may not work for your brand or in your company.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The best award any of us can receive is hearing from patients how we helped them with health issues.  I don’t want or need any award to to tell me my worth. [/inlinetweet]