Pharma low on the list of digital marketing

Digital PharmaFrom a report from Capgemini Consulting comes this summary of pharma digital marketing; Some companies are what we call the “Digirati.” They have the digital maturity not only to build digital innovations, but also to drive enterprise-wide transformation. And they benefit from their actions. Digirati have significantly higher financial performance than their less digitally-mature competitors. Where does pharma rank ? At the bottom where you thought they would be…

Pharmaceutical executives see threat in digital transformation, but less opportunity than other industries do, perhaps because of regulation. Many are building capabilities in analytics and worker enablement, but most firms are just beginning their digital journeys, leaving many opportunities untapped





Those of us who have worked in pharma eMarketing know the difficulty in trying to bring the organization into the 21st century when it comes to digital marketing.  More times than not legal or regulatory has been a thorn on digital marketers sides because they just don’t understand that consumers and patients have moved on without pharma input and because they are afraid of risk. The drive towards becoming more digital savvy comes from the top of the company and has to be driven home by senior executives who understand that doing nothing is not an option.

Agencies are getting frustrated as well as eMarketers but only when pharma acknowledges the changes that are actively taking place within healthcare marketing will DTC marketing remain a viable force in healthcare treatment options.