Pharma employees on the new healthcare legislation

KEY TAKEAWAY: Another casualty of the proposed healthcare legislation is pharma employees.  Can you really be proud of an industry that is noted for obscene pricing and remaining silent during a proposed healthcare bill that could result in the death of thousands?

As a consultant, I get to listen to a lot of venting from colleagues and clients.  So last week, when the bill was released to the public I asked some people for their thoughts in working for a demonized industry.  Here are some of their comments..

“It’s getting harder to have a clear conscience when management is so quiet about what’s going on.  Obama care was not a bad bill it just needed some cleaning up and the new bill does nothing to make the old ACA better”

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]”There was a time when I used to be proud to tell people that I worked for a big pharma company, but that time has passed. [/inlinetweet] When I go out with friends now I never discuss work anymore”

Businessman with a paper bag on head

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]”When we tried to hire some interns from a top business school they told us point blank that they didn’t want to for a pharmaceutical company[/inlinetweet].  They rattled off a list of why they would rather work anywhere else”

“I’me hoping that all the good people in the industry can implement change from within the organization, but it’s not going to be easy.  Change has to come from within”.

“Our CEO is so far removed from us, it’s not funny.  We hardly hear from him and he only gives interviews to business magazines.  He’s pretty much invisible and like you said is not going to say anything that rocks the boat.”

I also talked to a lot of people who are thinking of leaving pharma for good now that the job market is hot.  As a VP said to me “we do a lot of good for people and I know that in my heart a lot of people are living longer because of our drugs but the idea that some people may not get the drugs they need because of changes to insurance is really disheartening”

Finally, there was this…”patients are eventually going to realize that the real evil within the healthcare system is the insurers with their CEO’s who make tens of millions of dollars while denying treatments to patients.  Either way I am convinced that we are moving closer towards a single payer system”.

Pharma has seen a talent drain over the last 5-8 years and I’m afraid that not too many people have the stamina to fight for patients and do what is right.  We are now a minority.