Pharma: Best to have 1 emarketing person per brand

pharmaemarketingWhile I understand that most pharma companies are under a lot of budget pressures due to increasing costs of drug development and some big name brands coming off patent it’s essential that your digital marketing is done by someone who has in depth knowledge of the brands target audience and its customers.

Launching a great healthcare eMarketing initiative requires someone who can fully integrate with the brand team and market research.  I was able to succeed with the Cialis website launch because I had access to a wealth of the great research done by the consumer brand manager and the market research people.  Since I have a marketing background, I was able to read these findings and turn them into actionable strategies which were tested.


It helps to understand that having a dedicated eMarketing person is essential for any new brand launch.  By fully integrating with the launch team she, he, can prepare a digital marketing strategy that aligns with the life-cycle of the product.

Once a product is launched you still need a dedicated eMarketing person who can integrate the findings from initial launch and continually optimize the website.  We had one Cialis website at launch and another 8 months later based upon the learnings from our customers.


It’s also important that each eMarketing person be able to share the learnings with other brand team members.  At Lilly I sat with the brand team but reported to an eMarketing Manager.  We would get together weekly to share what we were doing, what had worked and what didn’t work too well.

The best trait for a eMarketing person is empathy and the ability to understand what converts a prospect into a customer.   They have to understand why people are coming to your site, the key drivers to action and how consumers are using the Internet for health.  I often ensured that a part of my budget went to Manhattan Research so I could share the how and why behind consumers use of the Web for information.


I love working in digital marketing and the insights that I gained from attending brand team meetings were invaluable to my successes.


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