Pfizer misses the mark with humor

offthemarkPfizer is adding humor to the battle over the post-menopause prescription market. Launched last week the “Let’s talk about change” campaign is a departure from the company’s recent “Tune into Menopause” campaign that featured Kim Cattrall.  As someone who has sat in a LOT of research with women this YouTube video really misses the mark.

There are a lot of women who are going to be going through menopause, thanks to an aging population, but rather than use humor, and a dumb theme song, to really talk to these women Pfizers agency, Edelman (I should have known) chose humor.  In addition, they disabled comments on the YouTube video and used actresses instead of real people.  But hey, Pfizer is the same company that is using attractive women to try and sell Viagra an approach that I know from my experience working on Cialis is way off the mark.

Pfizer Menopause

Women of all ages should be offended by this approach to aging and menopause.  It’s a gimmick and do we really need gimmicks to sell prescription drugs?  Pfizer needs DTC marketing help badly.


4 thoughts on “Pfizer misses the mark with humor

  1. I have enjoyed your provocative posts but I feel compelled to comment to this one. I don’t agree with your position that Pfizer is off the mark. Using humor to soften awkward conversations is a real tactic that helps not hurts. While I am not privy to Pfizer market research, women do not necessarily believe that menopause is serious,rather an unavoidable consequence of aging with symptoms that are uncomfortable and at times downright embarrassing. Using humor to crack that embarrassment is in my mind an excellent strategy. As a woman, I can share that my friends and I have said numerous times “I can’t believe our mothers never warned us”. These ads tap into that insight. I applaud any company that is willing to face women’s issues head on without sweeping anything under the rug. Although I am completely annoyed at the current Pfizer Viagra campaign and the uncomfortable moments of hearing about erections in the early evening with my kids, I do support Pfizer being bold with this. Maybe at some point we will hear “vagina” coming out of the TV at 6:30pm rather than “erection”. If you can’t beat em, join em.

  2. As a women who is approaching menopause I found Pfizer’s video to be both condescending and ridiculous. This is a serious part of aging that should be talked about in an open honest way either with a doctor or someone else who can relate to the experience. Shame on you Pfizer!

  3. Christine:

    I respectd=fully disagree. I have sat in a lot of research with women and discussed everything from sex to depression and whenever we tried to introduce humor it was a turn off for these women. A great approach would have been to have real women talk about the issue instead of actresses.

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