Pfizer combines online tools, apps to fight depression

pristiq_logo_13KEY TAKEAWAY: Pristiq is combining online tools to help patients manage their depression and is integrating them in their DTC materials.  It’s a good first step and should provide a lot of learnings that can be used to increase patient engagement.

I’m not sure how patients are going to respond to texts, helping them manage depression, but Pfizer’s approach is a good one.  It shows outside the box thinking and the brand team should be able to learn a lot from the implementation of this program.


Apps and texts can often remind people that they need to manage chronic conditions plus there is the issue of privacy but I doubt the folks at Pfizer wouldn’t have launched a program like this without doing some usability studies and market research.

What could they do next?  Demonstrate to HCP’s that the online tools they are offering lead to better patient outcomes or increases patient compliance.  Right now HCP’s feel that there are too many apps for health and they don’t trust the data they collect because app developers are acting like nerds rather than healthcare people.


Now if Pfizer could do something about the Pristiq website to make it look less like a medical site and more like a patient resource site.