Paying $500K for one social media post?

  • Duchesnay paid Kardashian $500,000 to post about a morning sickness drug called Diclegis.
  • Kardashian’s original post didn’t include any risk information about the drug and they got into FDA trouble.
  • Trade publications are attributing Kardashian’s post to the sales increase, but that is wrong.

Kim Kardashian alone has a huge fan base, her total number of followers on Twitter are around 59.3 million followers and her Instagram account has around 109 million followers. Having such a huge audience, she can influence and inspire millions of people at once, but mistakenly some pharma publications are attributing her Instagram post to the increase in sales for Diclegis.

First, let me state that I believe hiring Ms Kardashian was a huge risk and mistake. She, and her husband, are controversial celebrities at best, but paying $500K for one post was not the reason for the drug’s sales increase.  There is a correlation between the introduction of a new drug and the sales increase.  In addition how many of Kardashian’s followers are the target audience for the drug?

As Yahoo said “Let’s lay all of this out: “Kardashian stood next to a sign promoting Diclegis, posted the picture along with a caption giving more information about the drug (and let’s be honest, someone probably sent her that info, so it’s not like she had to do her own research) and was handed half a million dollars. Unbelievable”.

Ray Liotta is now fronting for Pfizer’s Chantix

Now this is a great use of a celebrity for product endorsement.  Liotta comes across as earnest and down to earth in his pitch and I believe he is a perfect person to talk to the drug’s target audience.   Still, I am seeing a lot of people on social media talking about Chantix’s side effects and the failure rate with smokers.