What do patients want from pharma?

Build-a-user-friendly-website-with-TimeZ-MarketingPOST SUMMARY: Believe it or not patients do want to hear from pharma brands via digital channels, but patient expectations have to be in line with product websites or else they are turning elsewhere to make health care decisions.

Pharma marketers emarketing should correlate to the needs of patients.  That may seem like marketing 101 to you, but there are a surprising number of products, websites that don’t, for example, segment information on users who already have an Rx vs. those that are considering asking for an Rx from their doctor.  If a patient who has an Rx for your product comes to your website what are the two key points you want to communicate that drive compliance?


We also need to understand why and where people are accessing your sites via mobile browsers. Is it at the point of care or after viewing a DTC commercial?  The needs and communications for information are quite different for different venues.

Then there is the journey to collect healthcare information.  I  recently completed, a click-stream analysis for a client and they were surprised to learn that almost 85% of their website visitors were going to both competitors’ sites and general health sites.  The product manager thought they would simply “trust the information” and ask for an Rx.  We all should think that users are going to fact check our health and product information.

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