Patients not happy with EHR’s

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Patient’s are not happy with Electronic Health Records according to some research findings I am reading.  Top complaints include the maze of log in information and the fact that they may have to go to several sites to get information from different doctors.

My client, a company developing EHR’s, was interested in learning about “how patients view” EHR’s and the picture they painted was not a pretty one.  Their top complaints:

  • Poor user experience across all segments, including Internet friendly Millennials.
  • Not being able to share reports/test results across multiple physicians.
  • Patients don’t feel like “they own the data”.  We had a number of comments like “those records belong to me not to my doctor”.


We also did a lot of qualitative as a follow-up to ask patients what could be done to make EHR’s better. Their recommendations included:

1ne: Improve the user experience

2wo: One EHR that can be used for a patient across multiple doctors.

3hree: Link’s to reliable health information based on test results (should be recommended by their doctor)

4our: Ability to schedule/change appointments online.

We had done research earlier with HCP’s and heard that they are too frustrated with EHR’s.  Decisions on which EHR to use are often made by the practice administration with little input from them.  They also don’t like “cloud based” EHR’s and EHR software whose updates require new training for staff.


Keep in mind that we are in the very beginning of the EHR age and that there are going to be some disruptive companies getting into the EHR business.  The ones who are going to succeed are the ones that ask users what they want and need as opposed to “this is our package”.