Patients find doctors through their own research

KEY TAKEAWAY:Consumers found a doctor in the last two years through their own research, with more than half going online specifically to find information about providers. While insurance websites are a common resource, most online consumers consult a search engine during their research (59%).

Consumers expect similar online experiences in healthcare. Further contributing to this shift in healthcare consumerism is the increased cost burden on individuals. With rising premiums and higher deductibles, consumers are yearning for right-on-time information to help them make informed decisions about the organizations and providers they entrust with their care.

Referral from another healthcare provider is the preferred method for findingPCP or specialist (38%). However, nearly all consumers always or sometimes perform due diligence before booking an appointment with the referred provider (90%).

Cost is top-of-mind for all consumers and “insurance accepted” emerged as the most important factor when selecting a healthcare provider (75%)deemed it as extremely important). Clinical expertise is a close second, with 53% ranking it as extremely important.

Despite researching online, most respondents still prefer booking appointments over the phone (62%). Millennials are likely to change this trend with 40% stating a preference to book online. This signals a need for health systems to address patient access across all channels.