Patients aren’t statistics

nota statiscicPOST SUMMARY: Statistics.  They are everywhere today, especially stats on mobile users.  None of these statistics mean a damn thing because they don’t explain the why, where and how.  DTC marketers need deeper insights into how patients are using statistics within the disease condition THEY market to.

I am just reviewing some research insights I received from a test of a mobile app for MS.  The test was limited to 60 MS patients, male and female, and is meant to provide feedback on how they are feeling day-to-day.  The results can be shown in a graph or other chart and there are suggestions, based on input, to help patients better manage their symptoms.


We thought the app would test well, but we found that was not the case.  Users want the interface to be more intuitive and they want it to be “less medical” looking.  So back to the studio, we go to refine the app.  We are testing the app because I was able to convince my client to spend more time and money to “get it right”.  Statistics only told us that there might be a market, they were no guarantee of success.

At too many pharma conferences there are too many statistics thrown out and Tweeted.  Statistics only tell you that there may be an opportunity.  DTC marketers need to confirm that applying statistical knowledge to tactics is valid via testing to their audience.  I know this may seem like Marketing 101 to a lot of readers, but in the era of budget cuts and non-skilled marketers you would be surprised how many people are not doing the basics.