Having patient insights not enough….

insightsPOST SUMMARY: Having a patient insights person is not enough today, you need to execute on the insights, but expect bumps in the road along the way.

Today, every organization should have a patient insights person person for each brand, but pharma companies can ill afford to debate how to respond to these insights with weeks or months worth of meetings.  Patients insights are a valuable tool, but the debate is raging on whether these insights should be used to help patients or further business objectives.


The Goal of Patients Insights

The goal of patient’s insights should be to help the organization improve its marketing by identifying key insights into patients needs and behaviors.  Today patient insights should focus more on “helping patients” make the right choices, in both treatments and health information.  Insights can also be a valuable tool to help patients stay compliant.


The how depends on the characteristics of each market, but there is no doubt that digital channels are playing a more important role especially social media.  In addition, many Rx providers can provide you with a wealth of patient insights.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Conduct a search on Twitter for any health condition and/or medication and you are probably going to find a lot of opinions and questions.[/inlinetweet]  These conversations are happening anyway and pharma needs to be part of the conversation. However, the FDA has scared a lot of companies away from social media, which is a good reason to update your website content based on insights.

Timing is everything…

In order for patient insights to be effective managers must focus both on the strategic (long term) and tactical (immediate) responses.   For example, if a patient insight for MS patients indicates that they need and want information on nutritional supplements to help fight their MS symptoms managers should figure a way to both develop and promote that content to get closer to patients.

The days of marketing to patients as market segments is quickly coming to an end.[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]  Today we have to focus on individual patients and view them as customers[/inlinetweet].  This is where patient insights can provide value.