Patient insights can lead to operational DTC excellence

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: Patient insights should not only focus on prospects, it should focus current patient satisfaction of your brand/company as pharma cannot afford to lose one customer.

A biopharma company sets up a patient help line to help patients cut the red tape and get their drug, but when a patient asks for help they don’t follow up.  How do you think that patient feels about the biopharma company/brand?

The best marketing plans are often derailed by poor operational execution.  Today biopharma cannot afford to ignore a single patient who is a customer of your company.

Too many marketing plans are made in the void of meetings where ideas sound great but execution is often challenging.  I remember months worth of meetings to implement a rebate only to have the rebate center not prepared to code the rebate checks because they did not have time to code the program.

Today, patients are unforgiving when problems arise with brands and companies.  DTC marketers who develop plans that include personal interactions should ensure that these plans are executed flawlessly. A simple thing, like a call back, is important to patients and could mean the difference between lifetime value or switching to a different Rx.


Patient insights can be a valuable department in operational excellence.  They should focus not only on potential patient insights, but current patient insights as well.  How do our current customers feel about our products and how has this affected their view of our company? Where are they turning for support and how can we help them stay on therapy?  These are questions that patient insights can help answer, but we can’t afford to have a weeks worth of meetings to test solutions.

Patient insights can be a great way to listen to the pulse of your customers and the market, but DTC marketers also have to build a process to implement marketing solutions so no patient gets left behind.