Patient Centric

patient_centricKEY TAKEAWAY: What is patient centricity?  The best way is to ask patients, but pharma keep throwing darts at a dartboard in a darkened room.  

According to the latest Gappup survey only 4 in 10 people trust the media.  Trust in pharma is also at an all time low so the key question is “how can pharma be more patient centric when the level of trust is in the garbage?”.


1ne: Listen to your audience and respond in Internet time.  This means that the processes within your organization have to revolve around the patient, not your silos.

2wo: A patient centric organization starts with the CEO and is measured at every customer touchpoint.

3hree: Don’t expect to be patient centric when you are increasing the price of your drug by double digits every year.  Patients understand that they are paying for price increases one way or another.


4our: Solve problems.  Focus on quality of life issues and spend time to include caregivers.

5ive: Make a patient centric approach part of everyone KRA’s.

6ix: Stop hiding behind “we’re a regulated industry” to implement patient centric marketing.

Finally, qualitative research should be ongoing through the lifecycle of your brand.  Find out why patients are on your product and what keeps them there.