Where does pharma go from​ here?

SUMMARY: Can pharma turn around the public perception of the industry and, more importantly, should pharma companies care? I believe they can, but changes are needed from the C suite to implement a culture change.

By now you’re aware that people have a very low regard of the parma industry. The industry has had a target on its back for quite awhile and the media love to fan the flames of discontent. Together we can change the perceptions of an industry that’s sinking. It’s going to take passionate people who really care about what they are doing and a reminder that there is nothing worse than patients who deal day-today with chronic health issues. Here are some idea..

1ne: CEO’s should hold employee town halls and apologize for focusing more on Wall Street than on patients.

2wo: A renewed focus on patients who can’t afford medications with a promise that, insured or uninsured, we will find a way to get people the medicines they need.

3hree: Stop pointing the fingers of blame on PBM’s and insurers.

4our: A through review and reduction of excessive CEO compensation.

5ive: Ditch PhRMA which has become nothing more than a lobbying talking point and has low credibility with patients.

6ix: Share success stories in patients own words.

7even: Stop hiring people who can “do the job” and start hiring people who “want to help patients”.

8ight: For goodness sake PLEASE help online health seekers get the information they need. It’s become an overgrown jungle online and leaving people to determine which information is credible and which is not is unacceptable.

9ine: Start talking to instead of talking at patients. They feel lost in our healthcare system.

10en: Be on the right side of the issues! Not one pharma company CEO signed the letter to Congress on doing something about firearms. That is inexcusable.

If you’re fighting for patients don’t give up! Keep on doing what YOU feel is right and your reward will be knowing that you at east have tried.