An increasing number of headlines amplifying many incomplete data around telehealth have led industry stakeholders to extrapolate discrete data points about telehealth to the entire U.S. population. Using an economic framework to analyze national telehealth data. Only 25.6% of Americans utilized telehealth during the two years of the pandemic. Said another way, investments in the telehealth market have been made on the thesis that telehealth is preferred among most Americans. But the reality is that all these efforts are being dedicated to only a subset of the U.S. population. (Source: Trilliant Health Feb 2022)

Although reported COVID-19 deaths between Jan 1, 2020, and Dec 31, 2021, totaled 5·94 million worldwide, we estimate that 18·2 million (95% uncertainty interval 17·1–19·6) people died worldwide because of the COVID-19 pandemic (as measured by excess mortality) over that period. (Source: The Lancet). Overt politicization of the pandemic—and the speed with which falsehoods about all aspects of COVID-19 have spread online, over the airwaves, and through media—are significant reasons why the U.S. has suffered a far greater COVID-related death toll than other large, well-resourced nations.