SUMMARY: I believe the biggest challenge facing pharma companies doesn’t come from legislation or R&D. It comes from being able to recruit and hold onto people who have a passion for the industry and get discouraged by a culture of endless meetings and matrix decision making. Here are some suggestions on how, I believe, pharma can attract and keep great employees.

SUMMARY: Treating Americans with diabetes now costs more than the U.S. Navy’s annual budget. And the world’s richest nation is losing this battle — even before COVID.  85 percent of people with diabetes are overweight. While not all diabetes cases are linked to weight gain, overeating and eating too much is still the main cause of type 2 diabetes.

SUMMARY: Health misinformation, especially around COVID vaccines, leads to too many people deciding that the vaccine is really a way to control us. When people get violent at others who want mask mandates to protect children in school and when a whole pharma company fights for a drug that almost all medical professionals say doesn’t work, it’s time to rethink what our job really is.

SUMMARY: Falsehoods have been shown to spread faster and farther than accurate information, and research suggests that misinformation can have negative effects in the real world, such as amplifying controversy about vaccines and propagating unproven cancer treatments. Therefore, health misinformation on social media urgently requires greater action from those working in public health research and practice. (Source: US Library of Medicine) There is a huge opportunity to help online health seekers cut through health misinformation.


  • A survey of more than 4,000 physicians showed that virtually every physician uses social media for personal reasons, while two-thirds use it for professional reasons.
  • 86% of diagnostic device companies, 65% of pharma marketers, and over half of biotechs use social as a critical part of their marketing mix to reach HCPs.
  • Doximity was flagged for having anti-vaccine information.
  • HCPs don’t necessarily want pharma trying to sell products via social media.
  • The best approach is to use social media to connect HCPs to clincial information and drug trials.