dont have time contentPOST SUMMARY: Understanding how people read on the web and search for information can directly influence how we design our webpages and websites. The truth is, people are going to skim and scan all the content you’ve written, looking for something that catches their attention or matches the reason they’re visiting your website in the first place. This is a key reason why drug website content should be written by someone who both understands your audience’s needs and can talk to them in a “conversation” style.

bikelogoI find it hard to believe that of all my readers none of you are willing to make a small donation to my MS ride.  Is this the community of pharma and healthcare people that I know?  A member of my family was recently diagnosed with MS so I am asking once again to help me fight this terrible disease. I am very excited and proud to say that I am participating in Bike MS Massachusetts – Bike MS: Minuteman Ride 2014! I am asking you to Join the Movement® by making a contribution to support my efforts.

SUMMARY: The heart and soul of any company is its people.  The drug industry cannot innovate with people who care more about their status within the organization than customers and patients.  While layoffs are part of an industry consolidation CEO’s have to make sure that the people being told they no longer have jobs are not the linchpins who put in the time to get it right because they know what we do is too damn important in the lives of too many people.  You can’t quantify someone who cares but you can ensure that their voices are heard.  Please share this with colleagues.

decline reachPOST SUMMARY: According to Ogilvy’s report, Facebook sources have hinted that organic reach will approach zero in the near future. In addition, one analysis found that as many as 40 percent of “likes” for one life sciences company were fraudulent. In other words, brands spent years building a fan base, they either can’t reach or actually don’t want to reach. But this is not necessarily true for pharma as patients reach out when THEY NEED health information.