Orthopedic surgeons: The web, not apps

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Orthopedic surgeons use the Internet to learn about new procedures and to help them stay abreast of changes within their functional area, but they prefer to do it on company websites, not via apps.

Orthopedic surgeons are very busy these days because of aging Boomers who still want to stay active.  Last week I traveled to Atlanta to listen to these doctors talk about how they use the Internet.  Here are some key findings:


1ne: They use the Internet primarily for educational purposes and while there is some good content out there it could be a lot better.  The biggest complaint was that content, video, audio, was too long.

2wo: They prefer to view content online via a website instead of downloading apps and they don’t want to have to log in to view content.  Content on a website allows them to search for supporting documentation/content.  Apps “take up too much space” on mobile devices.

3hree: They would like to be able to “download” certain content as well as share it with colleagues.

4our: Video content should be no longer than 3-5 minutes and to the point.  It’s better to split content up into “chapters”.

5ive: Content that ‘sells” rather than educates is rated poorly.


6ix: Content dealing with patient outcomes is always welcome, especially when it comes to joint replacement candidates.

7even: Websites targeted at orthopedic surgeons by medical device companies are not updated enough.

The research was qualitative with 24 orthopedic doctors in Atlanta and 22 in West Palm Beach.