What do online health seekers want from pharma websites?

KEY TAKEAWAY: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]85% of the content on pharma product websites, has never been read by visitors [/inlinetweet] so why doesn’t pharma optimize content to keep people on their website longer?

Over the weekend I analyzed the pages of more than 8 pharma product sites and found exactly what O have seen with other clients: 85% of your pages are either not being read or have extremely short time on page views.  This is a huge opportunity that is being wasted to engage online health seekers.

I’m usually not a big fan of content marketing, but in the case of online health seekers you’re dealing with people who want as much information as they can get regarding specific health problems.

Either pharma is not listening to others, or they are listening too much to big agencies who are clueless, or they are listening too much marketing people who want certain content without any supporting research that such content will be read.

Think about this for a second: you’re using a lot of money on TV commercials to gain awareness of your brand, wouldn’t you want people who come to your website to stay as long as possible so that they see your brand is a reliable source?

What can you do?

1ne: Conduct research with your audience and ask them “what information are you most interested in when going online to research this health condition?

2wo: Optimize your website. Get rid of pages that are being used and add content that expands the content that is being used.

3hree: Ensure your home page talks to your audience. For example, if you are trying to get people to switch to your product content should be written to get them to switch, not for everyone.

4our: Write in plain, simple English on high school level. This by far is the biggest mistake that pharma makes.

5ive: Finally, ensure content does not go take up the whole page.  Use callouts to communicate key points and for a rule of thumb it should not take more than two clicks to scroll to the bottom of your content.

Pharma spends too much money to get people to ask about their product, your website should be a stepping stone to that objective not a barrier.