Online ads a waste of money?

online adsKEY TAKEAWAY: A recent research report indicated that up to 98% of all online ad clicks are from BOTS.  This could be used as another excuse to allocate money to TV, but there are opportunities within all data.  DTC marketers need to “think beyond the click” to deliver brand messages.

Most agencies are using programmatic buying for online ads, but the metrics from those buys are misleading.  There are some online ads that can deliver a message without requiring a user to click on the ad.  I did this when we launched Cialis as I realized that most men would probably click on the banner at work and didn’t want to be caught going to an ED drug web site.


Best practices for online ads today include….

1ne: Delivering a RIC media brand experience, and message, where your audience is online.

2wo: Developing and evaluating creative with the same sense of urgency as TV ads.

3hree: Ensuring that ads are flighted to deliver different messages to different audiences.

4our: Using online ads as part as a total marketing metric rather than versus TV or print ads.


One aspect of digital ads that should concern all DTC marketers is that your audience is probably going to your product website to learn more.  It’s for this reason that every effort should be made to ensure your website stickiness is high.  You can’t afford to skip things like usability studies and intuitive navigation.  Web site copy needs to be simple and talk to your audience like a conversation rather than using repurposed brochure copy.

I can still reach more of a target audience online, and with less money, than a national TV campaign.  If you doubt that then challenge your agency.