Online ads: Creative vs. media

TO THE POINT: When it comes to online advertising the creative is more important than the money you’re spending on media. DTC marketers need to create a “hook point” to lead to action.

Consumers today are bombarded with so much information you have to grab their attention quick. In fact, you realistically only have 3-seconds or less. Online ads need to be created for the sites in which they will appear and different messages should be tested.

The Hook Point

Digital and social media have reshaped our world into one of micro-attention. Knowing how to use Hook Points properly helps you become a more effective marketer and communicator. It gives you a nucleus upon which to scale your business and become a world-class brand. It’s a critically important business tool that deserves marketers’ time and attention. A great Hook Point will not only allow you to capture people’s attention in three seconds, but it will also help you hold that attention to get your audience to take specific actions for years to come.

What is a Hook Point?

Your ideal customers are inundated with messages, content, and advertisements. A Hook Point will make them stop what they’re doing and say: “Wait. What!” An effective Hook Point works equally well online and offline, succinctly communicates what you’re about, and captures a person’s attention in three seconds or less.

How to create the perfect Hook Point.

There’s a process for how to develop effective Hook Points that work in today’s micro-attention culture. It involves five steps:

With more than 60,000,000,000 messages sent out on digital platforms each day, Hook Points are essential tools that help you stand out among the noise; and you can use them to more effectively package content for a better chance at having a meaningful engagement, a strong viral presence, and growth.


A great hook point will lead to better metrics including website visitors, time on site, and pages viewed. We have tested this again and again and a great hook point leads to a lot better ROI of anywhere from 50-200%. The bottom line is the more money you spend on creative, the better the ROI.