Omnichannel is irrelevant with the wrong message

Omnichannel is the latest buzzword-making rounds within pharma, but omnichannel has no relevance if your message is too promotional or is irrelevant to your audience. The channel IS essential but not as important as your message.

68% of HCPs indicate webinars or webcasts as their most preferred channel to receive information. It is evident that HCPs are extremely time constraint and prefer to engage with pharma organizations on their terms regarding channel, content, and type of devices. In addition, 62% of HCPs are overwhelmed by product-related promotional content pushed by pharma companies on the various digital channels. (Source: Future Ready Healthcare)

I maintain a network of thought leaders in several health conditions, and they all have one thing in common: pharma reps and messages are becoming more irrelevant. If your audience feels your message is irrelevant, they will not read it even though it’s in several channels.

Some pharma companies are cutting back on research because of COVID issues but if they are able to conduct research they’re asking the wrong questions. What they should be asking is “what information do you want from us regarding this drug?” not giving them a choice on two or three promotional messages.

Does your audience really want omnichannel? The decisive factor is to complement the way of looking at the touchpoints – from different perspectives – since not everything that is technically feasible is appreciated by the customer. A 360 degree view to create real-time relevancy across all channels points out that there are certainly some touchpoints that are irrelevant to customers from specific sectors. Not to mention that the fewer the customers use a touchpoint, the less pays off the necessary monitoring or the operation of this touchpoint.

The other issue with omnichannel is that it’s hard to measure unless you’re willing to measure the whole effort as one. HCPs and consumers are using media in a fragmented way. Do you have the resources to really do this?

If you really want physician engagement think the quality of your message not the quantity of people who see it.