OMG! Yet another ePharma conference….

UnknownSighas I sit here and read the Tweets from ePharma I am once again reminded why pharma is lagging in digital marketing. I mean to say WebMD is the number one health portal on the web?  Come-on everyone should know that, but what they also should know is that very few people go to WebMD and use that information for treatment decisions.You can throw out statistics all you like like “patient trust in pharma sponsored social media increased from 17% to 21% in last year” but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when there are stories in the media like “pharma is the new mafia” and “pharma spends more on sales and marketing” than on R&D.  Anyone that makes a judgement based on ANY stat is a jerk.

Then there is the use of buzzwords to try and show that some people are smarter than others.  I mean, come-on people. The best way to make it happen in pharma is to get up off your asses and ask your patients.  They are there willing to tell you what you are doing wrong and right.  Save your money from vendors trying to sell you stuff and presenters with huge ego’s