Novo Nordisk misses the target with unbranded site

KEY TAKEAWAY:  An unbranded health website should provide online health seekers with solutions, not just information and a checklist to take to their doctor.

Novo’s unbranded site, Heart of Type 2 Diabetes, has an identity problem.  What’s the objective of the site? To educate diabetes patients?  If so what’s the solution for online health seekers?  You won’t find a link on the site to any Novo product so it’s essentially left up to the website visitor to try and find a solution.

There is a call to action which is to print a checklist to discuss with a patient’s doctor, but is a patient really going to make an appointment to discuss this checklist and if so, isn’t there a huge chance that the HCP might say “all insulins protect against CV events” or that he/she might switch the patient to a competitor?

There is a very long form to “sign up” for more information, but people are not going to sign up without first understanding the VALUE they get in exchange.  Who wants to sign up to get spammed?  In addition the sign up, for more information, requires people to give their cell phone and home phone numbers to receive calls from a diabetes educator.  Really?  And who is going to do this without first understanding “what’s in it for me?”

It’s obvious that the; legal and regulatory team butchered this site and my guess is that this effort is going to fail.  The only good thing about this site is the vanity URL which is easy to remember but overall it’s further indication that pharma has a long long way to go to when it comes to digital marketing.