Novartis lung cancer site get an F

F If you want an example of just how far pharma is lagging in digital look no further than the Novartis Oncology lung cancer site.

Today “A” for effort doesn’t mean a hell of a lot and the Novartis Oncology website is a great example of doing something half-assed.  The site is supposed to inform and educate users about lung cancer but it’s apparent that the budget limited the agency who produced this site.  The site is not user friendly, has very little information you would expect and since it’s an unbranded site the lack of social media and a community is further indication that the people working at Novartis Oncology just don’t get it.


This is a prime example where an agency should have walked away from this project because this representation fails in every aspect.  This could have been a great platform to share patient stories, especially lung cancer patients & caregivers who never smoked, and talked about the initial symptoms and diagnosis.  Instead, it’s a shell, a half-baked effort that is not representative of a company that wants to be a serious player in the Oncology market.

You have only one chance to make a first impression and in the world of digital marketing that impression is microseconds as users click off.  Novartis gets an F for this website.