Novartis harnesses the Internet for HF community

screenshot_539Novartis is leveraging the power of the Internet to help patients and caregivers learn and live with heart failure.  It’s a great effort to educate patients, but more importantly, it brings people together to share stories and leverages “community”.


Novartis has taken a lot of heat for for using DTC to reach patients with heart failure but in reality they are filling a need left by HCP’s who just don’t have the time to really discuss HF with patients.  More importantly the site has a community which allows patients to post stories via a community manager and a list of resources for HF patients and caregivers.


This is a great unbranded effort that really addresses the needs of the HF community.  We need more efforts like this to reach patients with an all in one website.  We need more efforts like this and congratulations to the Novartis “e” team and their agency.