Why you need to optimize your website

screenshot_101KEY TAKEAWAY: Developing a website that is patient focused means little if it doesn’t provide the information they need and want.  DTC marketers need to get out and do research and listen to patients to keep them engaged.

At first glance Biogen’s AboveMS website looks like a great website.  It’s patient focused and has a lot of resources for MS patients, but a look under the hood shows that almost half of all patients are leaving the site after coming to the home page.  This is a problem..


The analytics,above, are not too good for an MS site that’s supposed to engage patients.  A bounce rate of almost half, only 2.2 page views and time on site of 3:43.  You would certainly think that people who needed information on MS would spend more time on the site engaged with the company.

The question now becomes why?  There are a lot of possible reasons such as poor content, poor usability or poor visibility, but if the site had been developed with users in mind (with research) you would think that more MS patients and caregivers would be using the site’s resources.


According to Alexa the site is getting traffic, it’s just not getting the right traffic and almost half of all website visitors are leaving (boune rate).  Clearly, something is wrong and needs to be fixed showing the importance of website optimization.  It’s not enough to do it, you need to do it right!

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