More worthless awards

KEY TAKEAWAY: Never has an industry in so dire straits gone out of their way to give awards to marketing that consistently ranks at the bottom of marketing innovation.

Digital Pharma, PM360, DTC, the list of pharma awards is long. These awards, as we disruptors know, don’t mean a damn thing.  They are great for agencies who get to promote the fact that they won an award on LinkedIn and for individuals who add it on a line in their resumes. However, these awards are worthless and are nothing but a promotional vehicle for trade publications hoping to lure industry ad dollars.

Last year a consulting report from one of the leading consulting agencies said it all: “pharma is its own worst enemy breeding a culture that all but prohibits innovative marketing”.

Those of us who have worked in the industry also know a little secret: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]the awards are profit centers for industry magazines and organizations[/inlinetweet].  Three weeks ago two clients called me to ask if they should go to an awards ceremony in New York.  My response was “why waste the money”.  If you want to network to look for a new job or get hounded by potential new agencies then maybe it’s worth the money otherwise stay home.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]I still believe the only award pharma should ever consider is the one in which patients give us their trust[/inlinetweet] and look to us for good, clear, health information.  The industry awards are nothing but bullshit packaged to give us a sense of self importance while Rome burns all around us.