More bad research on pharma websites

Press Ganey recently asked1 1,000+ healthcare consumers about their digital behaviors, but unfortunately, their findings mean little to emarketers working within the industry. They are somewhat embarrassing.

So let’s look at some of the top insights from the report, along with my snide comments:

Consumers turn to pharma sites for reliable information: In the age of empowered consumers, access to reliable healthcare information has never been more demand.

INSIGHT: Yes, for information on medications, but not for general health information or questions. Most say pharma websites don’t meet their needs. Traffic on sites like WebMD has increased over the past two years.

Convenience drives conversion: While patients seek information from multiple digital sources, convenience is key to their decision-making and securing care and treatment.

INSIGHT: Convenience? I’m not even sure what the hell that means. Online health seekers will spend more time online, depending on the seriousness of the condition.

Online ratings secure trust: Consumers turn to objective online ratings and reviews from peers to inform their decisions about doctors and treatment.

INSIGHT: Yes, and no. While social media is a resource for new treatments, it’s hard to determine just what is OBJECTIVE and what’s not.

Brands that streamline access win: Consumers reward brands that facilitate their journey to the proper care, medications, and, ultimately, optimal health.

INSIGHT: Not even sure how to address this as it’s so broad.

Digital transcends generations: Older consumers are catching up to millennials and Gen Z in their digital behaviors and preferences. Successful, forward-thinking brands take a digital- and consumer-first approach to marketing across ages and populations.

INSIGHT: This trend has been going on for some time. It’s a huge mistake to think that Boomers aren’t using digital resources, including telehealth.

90% want physician directories available on life sciences and pharmaceutical sites.

INSIGHT: Good luck with that. First, how many patients would be willing to switch doctors to get an Rx, and second how would you maintain this database given physicians’ changing attitudes. Second, HCPs probably would not want to be listed on a pharma website as it could be seen as a form of kickback. Medical devices are a different arena.

This report is strict PR rubbish. If it provides you with ANY insights, you’re in trouble.