Mobile trends for DTC marketers

iPhone 6 Duo(1)POST SUMMARY: Apple has reportedly sold over 10 million new iPhones, but behind the numbers are some trends that can influence how DTC marketers think about digital marketing.

Bigger is better, at least when it comes to mobile devices.  The new iPhones have bigger screens which are going to make surfing the web a lot better experience, but there are also some other options that could change the browsing experience.  First, iOS8 allows users to view desktop sites in mobile browsers.  This is a significant development since mobile sites often leave a lot to be desired.  Second, much bigger screens means that online ads are finally going to come better into the picture.


What do we need to better understand?

(1) Patients who are accessing websites via mobile devices may have very different needs.  They could, for example, be accessing sites on their iPads after seeing a DTC spot while those accessing websites on smartphones may be accessing the site to learn about side effects after receiving an Rx.

(2) How can we optimize our sites to deliver relevant information via the device?  Analytics are needed to determine the pat(s) through the website via mobile devices.  This can help DTC marketers provide access to the most important information when sites first load.


(3) Are online ads going to become a better opportunity for improved ROI on bigger screens?  That remains to be seen, but one thing that won’t change is that better creative is going to be essential for improved ROI.

(4) Can DTC marketers leverage location services to serve better ads/content?  The time has come, but too many digital pharma companies are already stretched too thin.


Interestingly enough consumer brands are investing heavily in digital marketing, but pharma seems to be in a mode of hiring agencies to do a lot of what should be done in house.  Don’t get me wrong digital agencies can provide a high level of expertise, but pharma very much needs to build capabilities in house and learn from the implementation so that digital marketing can be applied across all brands.