Mobile Health Research Results

The results from an online quantitative survey reveal what patients REALLY think of mobile health and they do not align with the current “buzz” around the channel.  n=1774

Here are the topline results:

(1)Have you downloaded an app to help manage/control your health”

Yes= 7


(2) Why haven’t you downloaded a mobile health app? (Multiple answers allowed)

I haven’t found one that I like= 865

I don’t need it=654

I don’t want to waste storage space on my mobile device=432

Too complicated to use=321

(3) Has your doctor ever recommended a mobile health application?



(4) Think for a minute about a mobile health application designed for you.  What are some of the key features you would like to see? (Multiple answers allowed)

Easy to use=1299

Provides me with accurate health information=1123

Recommended By My Doctor=1067

Does not require me to input information on a daily basis=931

Works on my phone=746

(5) Do you have an Electronic Health record app from your doctor?


These are just the topline findings.  The in-depth results provide a clearer picture.  For example, when it comes to demographics Millennials are NOT more likely than Boomers to download and use a mobile health app but they are more likely to download and use a mobile fitness app.

When we asked diabetics if they would wear a device like a Fitbit or Apple watch to monitor their glucose most said “no” because they said “the results would not be as accurate as checking their blood glucose via strips”.

What do I make of the results?  

It’s clear that while we are bombarded with the buzz around mobile health patients have been showing the same level of excitement.  Does this mean that mobile health is dead?  No.  It means that we still have a lot of work to do to get to a sweet spot for patients use as well as ensuring physicians accepting that health app data is accurate and reliable.






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