Mobile apps: Doctors and patients

pinterest-master675KEY TAKEAWAY: The whole world is going mobile but there is a huge difference between developing an app vs. executing a “mobile strategy. The best way to reach HCP’s and patients is not with an app, but rather ensuring your site is mobile friendly.

There are over 280 million mobile users around the world according to Flurry and the mobile app industry has grown to $3 billion. That’s the good news, but there is not so good news as well. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]App replacement is done by over 50% of smartphone owners each week [/inlinetweet]and[inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”] 73% of owners delete apps due to storage concerns.[/inlinetweet]





Doctors are no different from consumers when it comes to mobile apps.  Recent research indicated that physicians only like apps that are tools in patient care like oncology dosage calculators.  They prefer to go to sites to get information as opposed to apps that provide educational information.

Is heatlthcare in the loop? Hardly.  There are still way too many sites that are not mobile friendly and make it hard for patients and doctors to get the information they want when using a mobile device.  It’s essential that all online initiatives are tested on mobile platforms to ensure they provide a good mobile experience.