Millennium hits a home run with DTC

Millennium Pharma’s ad and website for ENTYVIO touch all the bases with targeted patients. It shows that the team understands what it’s like for patients with severeĀ ulcerative colitis. This is the kind of DTC that can help patients seek treatment.

Empathy. Understanding what it’s like to live with health problems is the key to developing great DTC. The team at Millennium has done that with great DTC TV ads and a matching website.

I have a friend who has ulcerative colitis and has passed on numerous social events because of the problem. She told me how the ad for Entyvio communicates what it feels like to have UC. “It’s almost impossible to go anywhere when I have a flare-up,” she said. “I need to be close to home and my bathroom.”

The website has numerous patient resources, including links to support groups and financial information for those who need help determining if their insurance covers the treatment.

Putting yourself in your patient’s place can lead to excellent DTC. The Millennium DTC team did a great job; in my opinion, this is some of the best DTC I’ve seen.