How Millennials Use the Web for health

millePOST SUMMARY: Millennials rely on the internet for health information and they use a variety oh health sites with social media to make informed healthcare treatment decisions.

While Millennials tend to be heavy users of social media they don’t rely on social media for health information.  Their use of social media can best be described as check, but verify.


In a 4 week user steady of healthcare websites, we found that Millennials scan information on drug company websites, but rely on a variety of websites to answer their questions about prescription drug treatments.  They are interested in two primary areas of concern; first, what are the side effects of the medication as it relies to their lifestyles and second, what’s the cost of the medication.

We also found that trust in drug company websites is higher than Baby Boomers, but trust in insurer websites is lower.  However, an overwhelming majority felt that drug company websites did not do a good job in “talking to me”.  In other words the content was described as “static, and generic” and did not make them feel like the drug company actually cared about them as a customer/patient.

When asked what could be done to improve the user experience, we heard the following:

(1) Better content that talks to “me”.

(2) Community forums

(3) Images of real people, not actors

Interestingly, we heard that a community forum might be better on a drug company website because it would be regulated thus the posts would be more honest and truthful.

Millennials will use social media but they will not rely on social media for health as they are aware that internet trolls abound and they can’t really trust social media for health.

Research conducted June 2-2q3, 2014.  Qualitative, Millennials, 6 cities, 54 people