Millennials see no difference between mobile health and visiting a doctor

KEY TAKEAWAY:  While there is a lot more hype than facts around mobile health Millennials are ready to jump on the mobile health bandwagon.  Why? Because they don’t see any difference between actually visiting a doctor and consulting with one via a computer or mobile device.

The last two days I sat at a market research facility listening to Millennials talk about mobile health in depth.  What we found out is that when you are treating conditions instead of patients they don’t see the need to actually visit a doctor’s office which they see as a waste of time.  Here are some quotes and key findings:

1ne: Millennials experience with doctors is very much “go into the office, see the doctor and walk out with an Rx”.  They feel that is a huge waste of time and see mobile health as a way to make their healthcare more efficient.

2wo: When we asked “how many of you have a personal relationship with your doctor?” Only 2 out of 36 people said “yes”.  In fact, many said that nurse practitioners were better because they could actually talk with them and they could write Rx’s.

3hree: Millennials expect to be diagnosed with mobile health and for the HCP’s to send Rx’s to their pharmacy.  They also believe that insurance should cover the online consultations.

4our: We also heard that a lot of Millennials are not happy at getting ad-ons like CAT scans or being referred to another doctor.  One woman said she had fallen on her stairs and her knee was bothering her and her doctor recommended an MRI.  When she brought this up others in the group agreed, saying that in most cases it was a waste of money and time.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The opportunities for mobile health exist, but for the wrong reasons.[/inlinetweet] Doctors have to treat the whole patient, not just the condition, but pressure on practices to make money means seeing as many patients as possible.

One aspect we talked about that brought about a serious backlash was the concept of “concierge medicine” in which patients pay a yearly fee to see a doctor.  Millennials hated this idea and most even if they had the money they would not waste it on concierge medicine.

Research: Dallas, Rexas, Atlanta, Ga n=36