Mapping the patient journey

customer-journey-to-online-purchase_tools_smKEY IDEA: DTC marketers can improve their marketing by thinking like patients and mapping the patient journey from “awareness” thru “requesting an Rx”. It should be done, not only for new patient, but for every segment within your audience.

The key for marketers is being present in the kinds of environments that somebody might be in during different stages of the journey—whether it’s in a search engine, in a video environment/YouTube, on a health site, or on social media. Each stage needs to be thought through pretty carefully to determine the kinds of content people might need. At key moments along this journey, consumers are demonstrating their intent very clearly—in what have been dubbed “micro-moments”—and these are the most compelling opportunities along the new journey path.


What does this actually mean for DTC marketers? It means that they need to understand each micro-moment and develop marketing strategies to turn prospects into customers.  However, these strategies can’t be “sales messages”.  We need to understand what’s really important to each segment within our target audience and talk to them as people not sell them as segments.

Thinking like a consumer is an advantage for any marketer, but within healthcare marketing it’s essential because today’s health care is a maze of misinformation and questions.